Neil Ellis Wines, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

We were delighted to welcome Neil Ellis, owner & winemaker, Neil Ellis Wines, Stellenbosch, South Africa. (pictured here with Pascal Playon and William Tindal)

Mindful that no single vineyard can satisfy the needs of all grape varieties, Neil Ellis set out to identify distinct terroir in which individual varieties will excel. He placed the emphasis not only on the environment but also on caring viticultural practises by a dedicated team of growers which extends through to the winemaking practices, to make distinctive, refined wines that are expressive of their terroir and rank amongst South Africa’s finest.

Today the journey of Neil Ellis Wines is not only of Neil Ellis anymore, but a team of young, dedicated winemakers harnessed in their pursuit of quality winemaking. After four decades of making wine, the next stage of the journey has begun with Neil’s son, Warren, sharing responsibilities as winemaker and viticulturist.

Our thanks to William Tindal and Pascal Playon of Tindal Wine Merchants for organizing this visit.